Wheeling has a long and colorful history. There are two ways to approach it - by walking or driving street by street, or by looking at types of structures, periods of history or other themes. Here is the beginning of a series of thematic lists of worthwhile sights. These are not close enough for walking tours, but some are and will be clumped together later.

Pre-Civil War Wheeling

MonumentPl-ShepardMan500pi.jpg1798: Shepherd Hall
OldStBr-ElmGr500pi.jpg1817: Elm Grove Stone Bridge
1307Chapline-1stPresbyterian-sm.jpg1821-5: First Presbyterian Church
~1828: Old stone tavern on National Road in Elm Grove. Milton (1943), p. 24
653Main.JPG 1831: Phillips House
ChGodStChrist600.jpg 1837: Church of God & Saints of Christ
1939: 629 Main Dunbar House
1842: Peninsula Cemetery
1846: 742 Main
1848: Charles Russell House
1849: Wheeling Suspension Bridge
~1849: 847 Main - Sweeney Mansion
pre-1850: Jacob Rhodes House
1850: Isaac Irwin House - 201 North Front Street, Wheeling Island
1853: Centre Market

Civil War Wheeling

1854: Custom House - Independence Hall
1862: Colvig Building
1864: Zinn Building (1001 Main St)
~1865: Mount de Chantal main building

Victorian Wheeling

Industrial Wheeling

1852: LaBelle Ironworks

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