Egerter Building

1101 Market
Egerter Bldg-sm.jpg
Constructed in 1894, the building housed a wholesale grocery business and was owned by A.C. Egerter who served as mayor of Wheeling. The project involved the cooperation of The Community Development Block Grant program and The Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation as well as private investment. The dominant features of the building were identified and reinforced while ensuring the building’s future longevity. The project was a cooperative effort between Kayafas Architects and our preservation consultants, Heritage Architectural Associates, and was completed in 1999.
The storefront level had undergone many adaptations through the years. Portions of the most recent storefront and signboard were removed to expose the arches in their entirety. New cast stone bases and awnings were replicated to complete the composition. Cooperation between the building owner, tenants and the grantor was paramount to the successful outcome.

Text from Facade Rehabilitation (1999) Kayafas Architects.
Top floor - a ballroom to be?
According to nomination for NRHP Alfred Egeter (different spelling) Building dates to 1895 and is located at 1107 Market, with Francium, Giesey & Faris as architects.

Old Kresge Block


Market St & 11th

Looking south with the Schmulbach Building on left, 1940s.
Note arched window of red Egerter Building (Portage Shoes sign) at far right, and next to it the X-ed upper facade of the Kresge Building.
Looking north at Market and 11th Street - 1920s?
From the Chuck Julian postcard collection.

Chase Bank


1114 Market - State Theater

James Velas State Theater (demolished)
From Ohio Valley Board of Trade brochure, 1937 by way of Ohio County Public Library.

1122 Market St: McFadden Building

Built 1909, architect: F.F. Faris. Wheeling used to have many downtown furniture stores, now only one is left. Originally sold mens clothing and shoes.

1134 Market St: Schmulbach Building

From the Chuck Julian postcard colledtion - left 1912, right undated.
The 1912 postcard must have been hand colored from someone not in Wheeling who did not know that the building facade is white marble!
Now the Wheeling Pitt Building. Build in 1907 for brewer Henry Schmulbach this 12 story building remains the tallest in Wheeling. Architect: F.F. Faris.
1134Market500pi.jpg 1134Market-Whl-Pitt500pi.jpg


1144 Market

Built 1900

1145 Market - Grand Central Hotel

1145Market-grand.jpg GrandCnetralHotelPostcard.jpg
Left from Ohio County Public Library collection and right postcard probably from the 1910s. Notice Manufacturer's Outlet building to left of hotel.

Grand Opera House

12th & Market (demolished)
Postcard (left, from Chuck Julian Collection) from about 1910? shows Schmulbach building towering behind the Opera House. Note brick streets, streetcar tracks and telephone post at right layered with too many wires. When was this building razed and replaced with current granite one? Right: from Wheeling Illustrated, H. R. Page & Co., 1889 by way of Wheeling City Library. This photo was taken before the Schmulbach Building was constructed in 1907.

According to Cranmer, History of Wheeling City (1902), the German Bank was a stone building that had the Opera House on the second floor and the National Telephone Company on the third and fourth floors. The pictures above suggest that the building in the postcard was brick. But the first postcard shows the German Bank co-existed with the 1907 Schumulbach Building, so the Grand Opera House must have been in the German Bank building.
The older photo to right has a simple brick first level facade, but the later postcard shows that the first level had been veneered with stone.

Oliver C. Genther, first manager of the Grand Opera House.

German Bank

replaced the Opera House at 12th & Market
from Ohio County Public Library collection, ca 1910
The German Bank was incorporated on January 20, 1870, and on July 11, 1918 it changed its name to the Wheeling Bank & Trust Co. WesBanco is the current manifestation of the German and other banks. The first president of the German Bank was Henry Schumulbach.

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