1509 Main St.: Wheeling Steel & Iron Company Building

A triangular shaped building at the corner of Main and South St, built in 1909; often called the flat-iron Building because of its shape. Wheeling Steel & Iron is a fore-runner of Wheeling-Pittsburg Steel Corp (founded in 1967). Pavilack and Fluty (1990)
The building was sold in Sept 20014 for $105K. The owners hope to make it into commercial and residential space. Sometime in the months before it was purchased thieves broke in and stole all the coper pipes. This may not be the disaster it seems for much of the interior or the building needs to be demolished and rebuilt.

The old iron fire-escape obscures the beauty of the south facade. Apparently an original street level entrance has been filled in with stones that stylistically match, but the color is different. The building has been for sale for a number of years - the wide open top floor could be a marvelous penthouse apartment!


Image from 1920s?? (from Ohio County Public Library Flickr stream)

Joanne Sullivan's collection of FlatIron building photos.