The western end of 16th St as seen from the top of the Mountaineer Gas Bldg. Compare to postcard below.

Old Post Office (with turret) and English Lutheran Church during flood of 1907.
Postmarked Jan 13, 1913 with this writing:
Dear Friends-
Family got here OK. My sincere thanks for your kindness to them during their excitement. Flood is all over with. This is an old view, a faithful one however of recent flood.

Chuck Julian Postcard Collection.

English Lutheran Church

As seen from the top of the Mountaineer Gas Bldg.

44 - 16th St

Mountaineer Gas Building
Auctioned in Jan 2015 with no bidders.
16th-44-Mural1.jpg 16th-44-Mural2-600.jpg
Mosaic mural depicting themes of Ohio Valley

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