Date unknown - 1900? from Chuck Julian postcard collection
Same view, date unknown - 1920? from Chuck Julian postcard collection

Elks Home
1910 postcard from Chuck Julian collection.
1911 postcard.
Elks Club 1904.
(from Ohio County Public Library Flickr stream)//

39-15th Street


41-15th Street - Alice Apartments

Was this where Big Bill Lias lived? Bill Carney says so.

49-15ht Street - Riley Flats


51-15th Street

Or was this where Lias lived, as shown by Steve Novotney?

52-15th Street

Built 1910, offered Aug 2009 for $69,900

55-15th Street

The Friends of Wheeling's Jeanne Feinstein believes that this and adjacent houses, once called Fisher's Row, were probably build before the Civil War.
#55 was offered March 2012 for $29,900; a doctor's office.
Joanne Sullivan's collection of photos of this building and two adjacent ones - now being revitalized.

87-15th Street - Hazel-Atlas Building

Built 1931 for Hazel-Atlas Glass Co. Wikipedia description
1931 photo
~1936 view from Wheeling Chamber of Commerce brochure
(25 acres, 8 buildings)


Collecting Hazel-Atlas glassware More - with pictures
Wikipedia article
1931 photo
19XX: West Liberty State College
1972: West Virginia Northern Community College
2009: Youth Services System buys building
Information from The Intelligencer, Sept 20, 2008, p 19.

101-15th Street

Location of Wheeling Hospital 1853-6. Still standing in 1996 when Sisters of St Joseph purchased it for a House of Hospitality.
In 2010 it is a parking lot for the adjacent Youth Services Building. RIP.

136-15th Street

136-15th-st-jcsullivan-CU.jpgPhoto by Joanne Sullivan form Intelligencer Galleries.

Once the home of tinner David Bayha whose business at 1918 Main Street had a distinctive ad in the 1903-04 Wheeling Directory. The house still contains tin accents. Bayha died a tragic death in 1910 when he fell from the roof of the Roney's Point home of Henry Schmulbach. According to a front-page newspaper report, he had been "inspecting the house to ascertain the conditions of the gutters and conductor pipes, with a view of making necessary repairs." This house and others on the block are to be torn down to build a sports complex.
Information from Friends of Wheeling meeting notice, Sept 18, 2011.||

150 and 152-15th Street

Both built 1910, 152 offered for $16,900 in August 2009; 150 priced at $29,000.

167-15th Street

Louis Friese House (currently owned by Patricia and Andrew Croft)
Assumed built by architect/contractor Freise (1862-1925), since his daughter and her husband lived in the house, until 1988.
(Information from Friends of Wheeling visit.)

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