48 14th Street

Hare Building

54 14th Street

Dr. John Frissell House, 1835
FrissellHouse1835-50%.jpg Frissell-House0001.jpg
John Frissell was Wheeling surgeon who founded, with Dr Hullihen and Bishop Whelan, the first hospital in Wheeling. His family lived in this house for nearly 100 years. The only decorative detail is the cast iron hand railing which leads up the steps to the front door. Text from Historical American Buildings Survey.
Black and white photo and article on Frissell from Archiving Wheeling.

58 14th Street

Absalom Ridgeley House, 1838
Built 1838 by Absalom Ridgeley who had a general store in Wheeling. He started as a dry good trader bring a wagon load of things to sell at West Liberty, and moved to Wheeling in early 1800s. Info from Storytelling: Court Day in West Liberty. Image from Library of Congress HABS, 1970s. Bottom view from 2015. Note that window shutters have disappeared. Giant antenna on roof is actually a leaf on the tree I was standing beside.

62 14th Street

Demolished Jan 30, 2010.
This building had been for sale for a few years. When we saw it in 2009 it needed partial renovations on the interior but seemed structurally sound, and its large turret facing the intersection of 14th and Eoff made an attractive landmark. Sad.

Leafy 14th

Between Jacob and Wood streets, looking west.

Two Catholic Schools

Beautiful and modern (ugh)

Central Catholic High School

14th & Eoff

Wheeling Catholic Elementary School

Originally Cathedral Parish School
77-14th St
Built 1896-7
National Register of Historic Places Nomination
WhlCathElemSch1.jpg WhlCathElemSch600pi.jpg
2013 view, and 1920s view and text below from Waymarking:
"The Cathedral Parish School now known as the Wheeling Catholic Elementary was built 1896-97 to serve as an elementary school to serve the St. Joseph Cathedral parish. The red brick three-story structure was built in a Late Gothic Revival style. The building has a central square tower on its facade with the main arched entrance which is surrounded by stone. The school was expanded with a gymnasium in 1939. The school is located on a block with the Catholic high school, the St. Joseph Cathedral and the rectory. Along with being individually listed on the National Register it is also a contributing building in the East Wheeling Historic District.The building appears to be in good condition and continues to serve as an elementary school.The school building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997."

Scottish Rite Temple

83-14th Street

94-14th Street


95-14th Street - Good Mansion

Good Mansion-sm.jpg
Friends of Wheeling description

97-14th Street


98-14th Street


99 14th Street - First Church of Christ Scientist

Since 1995 Agape Baptist Church
Built in 1930, this historic building features a blond brick facade with Doric columns lining the entry way. Stone sills support opaque geometric windows. The building, the home of Wheeling's First Church of Christ Scientist from 1925 until 1994. Text from Ohio County Public Library.

100-14th Street


102-14th Street - Gertrude Flats Apartments

Saved from abandonment and future destruction by Greater Wheeling Coalition for the Homeless, which renovated it ($875,000) for use as housing with six apartments for up to 18 homeless people with disabilities. News report.

115-14th Street - McLain House

Built about 1892 by Thomas B. McLain; in 2014 being rehabilitated by Brian Wilson. (Info from Friends of Wheeling website, footnote 2.)

127-14th Street

Built 1900, offered for $14,500 in August 2009.

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