1200 Chapline Block

Old County Court House

Corner 12th and Chapline, photo from 1888
This old court house was at diagonally across the street from the current one. According to Cranmer (1902) the old one was built in 1839 after condemning the land to acquire it by eminent domain. The cornerstone was laid on April 10, 1839, following a parade of militia, Masons, and city and county officials from downtown to the construction site. Judge Joseph Fry was circuit court justice at the time, and until 1852. The old court house was demolished in 1900 to make way for the five story Court Theater building, which still stands. This old building, like a few others of the time, juxtaposed a classic Greek temple facade with a New England style steeple - weird architectural taste!
T.M. Darrah photo from Ohio County Public Library collection.

St John's Evangelical Protestant Church

Three undated postcards from Chuck Julian Collection. On left card the main window is divided into rectangles; on center and right it is more ornate with ogive ribs. I wonder which came first?

Odd Fellows Hall

corner 12th and Chapline
Souvenier of Wheeling (1905) - long since demolished

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